Amodil collects general information at each user session on this Site, such as the domain that you use to access our Site (numeric IP address), the date and time of each access, how long that access lasted and what Ginas visited. This information does not include the user's e-mail address or any other personally identifiable information about the user.

Amodil uses this information to measure the level of access and conduct studies about our average user, this in order to give a better service to visitors of the Site and offer them attractive information. Amodil may share this information with our advertisers, promoters or third parties.

Amodil receives information from the user through our registration formats (resellers, mail messenger, user registration, etc.) and can buy this information from third parties at any time, although it is not a regular practice of the company.

At any time, Amodil may send electronic mail to users who have registered their e-mail address in any of the Site's formats.

Amodil reserves the right to make updates to this Privacy Policy.

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